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10:44 01.04.2021
The Dr. Stedler team offers professional cosmetic and podological treatments.

Since the 8th of March, cosmetic treatments are again possible. This requires a negative Corona rapid test. This test can also be carried out in our cosmetic institute. Classic and professional treatments – such as Microdermabrasion. Micro Needling, Ultrasound, Cold Laser Lifting and anti age treatments – can be offered again. The cosmetic treatments are complemented by purely herbal active ingredients, without perfume and mineral oils.

The contacts are Mariel Haarmeyer and Rahel Ludwig

The English-speaking contact for customers is Ms. Mariel Haarmeyer. In medical foot care/Podiatry therapies for example diabetical foot treatments, curing of athlete’s foot, the treatment of ingrowing toenails and the removal of corns are included. The necessary health insurance licences are available, so that the treatment costs are generally covered by the health insurance companies – based on a doctor’s prescription.

The English-speaking contact for podiatry patients is Ms. Rahel Ludwig. „Patients and cosmetic customers appreciate our many years of cosmetic and podological experience. It is necessary to make an appointment in advance,“ says Monika Stedler, owner of the two cosmetic and podiatry practices in Hannover.

The staff of Dr. Stedler’s practice team is specially trained, finds individual solution therapies and is able to give professional advices in cometic and podiatry.